It has been and continues to be challenging and frustrating waking up every day in America. Especially if you are Black, but also if you are aware of what is happening to democracy in America. However, you do not have to be Black or any other minority or targeted group to recognize the erosion of rights guaranteed under your Constitution. I deem it yours because as an increasing number of Whites are quick to point out, Black people were not acknowledged as full citizens during their writing of the Constitution. Therefore, any protections granted were not to include Black people. More on that later.

During the late seventies, the Bell System, or AT &T lost a discrimination case filed by the U.S. government. It ruled that the AT&T/Bell System was guilty in hiring, promotion, and other areas as it related to Black people.

One of the short-term outcomes, of the suit was the establishment of “pluralistic” seminars between Black people and senior management throughout the system. The seminars were set up to establish a dialogue between the various management levels to discuss and begin a process of resolving or eliminating issues. The major problem, there were not enough Black directors (third level), and managers (second level) to even begin discussions.

The consultant brought in to facilitate the process, along with AT&T produced a solution. The solution was to invite first-level management personnel to participate in these discussions. That is why most Black people (and other minorities) were able to participate. As one of my former pastors would say to me because I am going somewhere.

One of the conclusions that came out of the sessions will sound remarkably familiar because it has retained its popularity even in these current times. The conclusion: Whites did not want to be responsible for the sins of their ancestors. This might sound fair, on the surface. Most of us (Black people and other minorities) would be agreeable with that except for one minor problem. We would agree not to hold you accountable for their sins, however, we find you guilty of the perpetuation and the continuation of those sins. That was the problem then and continues to be the issue today. However, the perpetuation and continuation of those sins are now being taken to a higher, and often long-term and deadly level. It has only gotten worse in the last forty years.

It is a fact that all aspects of American life are under the control of the government under the auspices of the Constitution (and the ideals of the Declaration of Independence). The list of things impacted includes politics, the economy, states’ rights (the BIG one), education, and everything else that is currently on the evening news.

All rights reserved for Whites under the Constitution were guaranteed, and Black people did not attain any legal standing until after the Civil War. This only lasted until the end of the Reconstruction period. Black people gained the right to vote during Reconstruction and the right to own land and enter the realm of politics. This all ended with the administration of President Andrew Johnson. Why is this important? This was the period, which saw Black People lose their political positions, and land, and brought about a return to slave-like conditions in America. This current environment in America for Black People appears to be returning to those conditions that existed at the end of Reconstruction.

Therefore, in the current environment of banning books, and restricting teachers from teaching the truth about American history, the new anti-woke laws appear to be an attack on these items. Critical Race Theory (CRT), and any discussion of systemic racism and Black History itself are under attack. What is obvious to many is these attacks are the means being utilized to whitewash all history (American, Black, and Native American).

My mission is not to challenge you or to get you to change your minds. My mission statement says I am to: motivate, encourage, and empower all needed students and others with the truth. Until then:



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I am a seventy year old black man with a BS in Organizational Leadership and a MBA, My passion is Career and Personal Development Coaching